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Be Still
Karla Scharfinski  |  Jun 26, 2023

God says in Psalm 46:10
    “Be still” - New International Version
    “Stop fighting” - Christian Standard Bible
    “Let be and be still” - Amplified Bible
    “That’s enough!” - Common English Bible
    “Calm down” - Contemporary English Version
    “Let go of your concerns” - God’s Word Translation
    “Cease striving” - Legacy Standard Bible
    “Stand silent!” - The Living Bible
    “Attention, all!” - The Message
    “Stop striving” - New American Standard Bible
    Stop your striving -New English Translation
    Be quiet-New Life Version
    Be still, be calm - Voice
    Desist - Young’s Literal Translation

They say that actions speak louder than words, but doing nothing, as God instructs in this Psalm, is down right deafening. He is speaking directly to us and instructing us to:
    Stop worrying
    Stop controlling
    Stop wanting
    Stop being afraid
    Stop ______________

Why is it then so hard for us to “let go and let God”?

Dear God, thank you that you are with us: that You are our fortress. (Ps 46:11) Please help us to stop. Help us to stop doing anything that grieves your Spirit in us. Help us to stop, cease, desist, strive, so we can be still, stand silent, be calm, and let go and let be so you will be glorified and all will know you. In Jesus name, Amen.