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You don’t need to be perfect or have all the answers. You just need an internet connection.

Calvary’s Online Campus is a place where you’ll find the grace, love and mercy Jesus offers to everyone. Join us this week for vibrant worship, a biblically-based, practical message, and real online community.

Show up early to join us for our interactive Live Pre-Service!

If you miss the Live service, you can check out service On Demand shortly following the end of our live service.

What to Expect

You’ll be greeted before the service starts by one of our facilitators who moderates chat. There will be a live pre-service show with hosts who are excited to interact with you. There will be worship through music, a message, prayer, and perhaps a creative element or two. You’ll have an opportunity to support the ministries of Calvary Church through online giving, but that’s entirely up to you. If we are celebrating the Lord's Supper we will give you a heads-up so that you can prepare to join if you want to participate. Thanks for checking us out and joining our online worshiping community!

Other Ways to Watch

Join us on Roku, Apple TV, or on YouTube.